Allottee Information

In this section allottees can access their water delivery accounts to post and review Colorado-Big Thompson Project rental water information. Allottees can also review their water delivery account information, including monthly statements, orders and transfers. The allotment contracts pages explain the allotment contract process for Class B, C and D contracts.  

 Preliminary Bid Results of 2 Units of C-BT Project Water
 Final Results of March 7, 2018, Bid Opening of 75 Terminated C-BT Units
 Final Results of October 25, 2018, Bid Opening of 63Terminated C-BT Units

St. Vrain Supply CanalSt. Vrain Supply Canal
The St. Vrain Supply Canal is part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project's water distribution system on Colorado's East Slope.

Water Accounting

If you have a water delivery account, log in here to access your account, check monthly statements, quotas and allocations, orders and transfers. Log in»

Allotment Contracts

This section contains general information about allotment contracts, storage and parking agreements, inactive allotment contract accounts and assessments. Learn more»

Regional Pool Program

The Regional Pool Program gives Northern Colorado water users another way to access and use C-BT Project water. Learn more»

Financial Information

Find Northern Water’s current and past annual financial reports, budget information, debt schedules and request for proposal details here. Learn more»    

C-BT Rental Water

Northern Water provides C-BT Project rental water information to its constituents who want to rent C-BT water or have C-BT water available to rent. Learn more»


This section explains the inclusion process for Northern Water and the Municipal Subdistrict. Learn more»

C-BT Quota

Find the current C-BT quota and an explanation of how the Northern Water Board sets the annual quota here. Learn more»

Allottee Documents

This section contains allottee programs, policies, guidelines, rules and procedures. Learn more»