The rich history of Northern Water and the Colorado-Big Thompson Project began with a need to supply drought-parched Northeastern Colorado farms with water in the 1930s. Although the C-BT Project was completed in 1957, long after the 1930s drought was over, Northeastern Colorado still benefits from the efforts of a small group of civic leaders who first dreamed of bringing water from the West Slope to the Northeastern Colorado plains.

Original spillway at Lake Granby

Granby Spillway The original spillway at Lake Granby in the early 1950s. The spillway was rebuilt in 1965.

Northern Water History

The Northern Colorado Water Users Association formed in 1935 and proposed the Colorado-Big Thompson Project as a way to supply water to Northeastern Colorado farmers. Learn more»

Colorado-Big Thompson Project History

A group of civic leaders endorsed the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, which took nearly two decades to complete. Learn more»

Northern Water Timeline

The timeline summarizes the history of Northern Water, the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and the Municipal Subdistrict from before 1930 to the present. Learn more»

Windy Gap Project History

In 1970, six Northern Colorado cities formed the Municipal Subdistrict and planned, financed and finished building the Windy Gap Project in 1985. Learn more»

Online Videos

Online videos chronicle Northern Water and its major projects and accomplishments from 1937 to present day. Learn more»

75th Anniversary

The year 2012 marks Northern Water's 75th anniversary. Northern Water was created on Sept. 20, 1937. Keep abreast of  75th anniversary events.  Learn more»